Step Through the Looking Glass.....with Lady Sage

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Sessions should be booked in advance.  On occasion, cancellations allow me to accommodate same day appointments.  First time clients should expect to provide a deposit.  Call me for instructions on how to do so.  References may also be requested. Billing is done discretely.

If you choose to make a donation to show your devotion,  you may use the form below for that purpose. 


Donation Amount ($50.00 Minimum)


My rates are as follows:

1 Hour


Each Additional Hour


8 Hour Session


12 Hour Session


It is your responsibility to provide transportation to and from my studio.

I do not have time for social engagements (lunch, dinner, drinks, etc.).  Please do not ask.

Travel sessions will be considered.  My rate is $1,500.00 per day minimum plus travel expenses.  A reduced rate will be considered for additional days.  If you would like to attend a BDSM event with me, it will also be at the same rate.

You are welcome to contact me through e-mail or phone.  My phone time is limited,  so please be sensitive to the length of time that I can spend on the phone.  I don't use my business phone for idle chit chat,  please respect that.

or phone any time: 614-906-0617
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